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Global health strengthening:

“Working Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind”

Fundamentally, global health is about achieving better health outcomes for vulnerable populations and communities around the world. Global impact is a key concept for global health different from other public health and medical disciplines, global health can address any issue that has a global impact on the health of human kind, including health system problems that have already affected or will affect a large number of people or countries across the globe. Three illustrative examples are (1) the SARS epidemic that occurred in several areas in Hong Kong could spread globally in a short period to cause many medical and public health challenges, (2) the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS and the novel coronavirus epidemic first broke out in December 2019 in Wuhan and quickly spread to many countries in the world. Then the other concept global solution for a globalised world comes across national boundaries for immediate action and future anticipations.

We therefore, practice and sustain global health by eliminating health disparities in low-resource settings around various communities through Research and Scientific Innovation, Diseases fighting and riposte, Health policy and Advocacy, Health and Nutrition, Education, cross sectorial partnership

Global health strengthening