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Emergency and Crises response:

“A call to action and sustainability”

Globally climate and environmental crises affect every aspect of human lives, from physical, biological and psychological, to food, water and livelihoods insecurity. While these crises affect everyone, those hit most are the poorest and the less privileged communities. Estimates reveal that by 2030, up to 118 million extremely poor people on the continent will be exposed to drought, floods, and extreme heat, which will hinder progress towards poverty alleviation and growth. In Africa emergency situation and crises in is a growing concern that is currently affecting the entire world. According to the State of the emergency and crises in Africa report, the continent is warming faster than the rest of the world, and it could lose all of its glaciers by the 2040s. The World Bank estimates climate change, disasters, wars, flood could push around 40 million more Africans into extreme poverty by 2030 if not addressed. Therefore, we work importantly to address the climate crisis, disasters, conflict flood through a well-structured action and humanitarian response in Africa and the world at large.